Commercial Video Creation | Linkedin Personalized Video


Once you have made the necessary changes to get more traffic to your site, you now need to convert this new traffic into sales. People these days don’t like to read long sales copy. You need to find a way to engage them so that they will stay on your site longer and the longer they stay, the more likely they are to find something they will pay you for. In marketing, they like to say that a site has good content. Content that attracts both the search engines and people.

The best content is that which tells a story … and there is no better way to tell a story then with video. Stats show that people love to look at videos. Video commercials are a very powerful way to sell today. We can produce various types of videos for your site. It’s a case by case thing where we have to discover what you want the video to do and then decide on the best type of video to use.

We charge a minimum of $499 to produce a video but in all cases will produce a demo version of the video first to give you an idea what to expect. We also can set you up with a monthly video creation program where an additional 2 or 3 sales videos can be made for you monthly.

Almost all serious business owners today belong to Linkedin and it has become the number one business to business networking site. If you want to get more leads on Linkedin then creating a video for that purpose is one of the best ways there is. We can create what is called a personalized video especially for Linkedin users that uses data from a target’s profile and ceates a video personally for them. You send them an email with a link in it that shows the video you have made about them. People love to see themselves talked about. Ask us for more info and a personalized video demo.