Lead Generation


Lead generation is all about getting prospects to your site that you can convert into sales and customers. You need a constant stream of new prospects entering your sales funnel so you can grow the business with more sales. If you haven’t looked at , or read about the other services on this page , then now would be a good time to do it so you understand where lead generation fits into the mix. You shouldn’t consider spending money on lead generation (IMO) until after all the other steps described in my other services here have been taken care of on your site. Why? Because this service isn’t likely to work very well or show results that impress you until after the other things are done. You then will blame me for any disappointments.

If I’m not sure your business will be a good fit for this service then I won’t do it. The same can be said for all my other services. If I don’t think any of them would be a good fit for you or your business then I won’t waste my time and your money finding out I was right.

This is an expensive service that has to be done keyword by keyword over a number of months and will cost you a minimum of $1000 per month. Here’s the “but” part. BUT, if I do decide to do it for you it is likely you will get outstanding results in terms of traffic because Google will just love you. Just so you know, we don’t do any black hat stuff. You may not understand the techie part I just mentioned but its important for you to know that any work we do on your site to grab more of Google’s attention is strictly white hat … and that means Google approved.

I suggest you use this link and make an appointment for a consult if you want to discuss this further.