GMB listing … Verification & Citations

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Our service is one you will need to use very quickly if your site listing in GMb as of yet hasn’t been verified by Google. Starting in July 2019, Google has announced it will start de-listing  sites that have not been verified by Google at that time. Why is this important? If you are a local small business then chances are all your competitors are listed in Google Maps. For example,if you are a roofing contractor in Columbus OH and some one there uses a google search  (” roofing contractors columbus OH”) to get some roofing help, it’s Google Maps that is going to pop up the top rated reviews for roofing contractors. Your competitors will all be in those listings. Can you afford not to be?

How to tell if Google has verified your site yet? Do a Google search for your business as I show above. Find your site in the GMB results. You may have to click on “more places” at bottom of results and keep doing that to view more page results until you find your listing. Click on your listing when you find it and. In the window that opens to the right look down through  the first 3 or 4 lines until it says “suggest an edit?”  If it also asks “own this business/” … then that means Google hasn’t verified it. You need to act or eventually lose your listing.

There are two very different types of services we offer related to GMB listings. We will get your business verified for free. This is a a bit of good faith on our part because we are going to spend some of our time to do this for you in the hope that after you are verified you will spend some money on one of our other services. Getting verified is actually the first of two steps you need to take with your listings.

Our second service involves optimizing your site so Google will rank you higher in its GMB listings. You need what is called citations to do that. A citation is lot like a back link .to a web site and it tells Google that others think your listing is important . The more citations Google sees pointing to your site, the more importance Google attaches to them, and the better rank in the listings they will give you. We offer a service that will get new citations for your site every month and gradually will force Google to rank your site higher and higher compared to your competitors.

I invite you to check out what I say here and to find a better deal on getting citations. The cost is $499 per month and it will take several months to create all the citations. We use special software to find the best citations for your business so in that way you will start to see notable results after the first 3 to 6 months. Keep in mind that GMB listings is singularly probably the most powerful way to get more prospects to your business..