Fast Page Loading


If your page takes more than 3 seconds to load on a mobile browser, then it’s a big thumbs down from Google. They track this sort of thing and KNOW it’s happening. Furthermore, Google will tell you that something like 40% of all mobiles searching online are looking to buy something  … and you not having a fast download page means you are loosing sales.

What do people using mobile browsers do when they encounter a slow loading page? They don’t wait around much after 3 seconds, THEY LEAVE! They click on the next page Google search returned to them to see if it will load. You’ve likely just lost a prospect to a competitor..

No  matter what type of software platform you are using to run your website, there are techniques and shortcuts that can be used to speed it up … sometimes by a lot. That’s what we can do. Speed up your site. Usually you will not have to change the design of your site or what it looks like now. Just some techie changes in the background will make all the difference. If you already have a webmaster, then you have to ask the question, why is my site so slow?

To find out what Google knows about your site’s speed right now, you can go and test it yourself at the link shown below. Once you are on the Google test page just enter the url of your site (copy and paste what appears at the top of your browser when viewing your home page) and click on start to run a speed test.. A result below 90 means google would like to see improvement. Starting in July 2018 Google has started to actually penalize slow sites by reducing their ranking in the their search results.

If your test results are less than what you’d like then why not run another test using the site url from your top competitor to see how you compare? After that, you may want to talk to us about improving your site’s speed.  .