Avatar | Automated Chatbox = AI Sales Funnel


Combining a personable avatar and human like voice characteristics  with an artificial intelligent based chat bot has resulted in the complete user friendly automated sales funnel. One such combination is shown on our page here.. The Avatar and Chatbox can be separated and each used by itself or together as shown in the example. .

There are a lot of male/female avatars and voice combinations available. Even a spokesperson is available for a lot of niches. A company brand logo can be incorporated into the avatar’s accessories like a handbag etc. The avatar can be programmed to say anything with its built in text to speech conversion. Don’t ask us to make it swear or utter political statements … but comments about dead bankers are ok (-::This technology never becomes part of your site and we do not require access to your software platform to install it. The avatar and/or chatbot is layered over whatever page you want and simply loads when your page does … like magic.

The chat box can be configured into any kind of sales funnel you want using elements like questions, yes/no answers, images, icons, videos, links, and even short codes. The applications are only limited by your imagination but certainly this technology is all about engaging a visitor and getting them to eventually take a course of action before leaving your site. It also works 24/7 providing contact info, dispensing free gifts to get an opt in and making appointments with prospects.

There are no more powerful avatar/bot combos available than these and our pricing on them is thousands of dollars less than what other less capable offerings will ask. Our pricing starts at $500 and a monthly plan can be setup where new sales campaigns etc.can be integrated into the setup you have.