Why is the phrase “reputation management” suddenly getting a lot more attention from local business owners?

Let me share a typical scenario with you to illustrate why it’s becoming such a big deal.

The other night some friends and I went out for dinner without knowing where we really wanted to go.
While I drove, the others started searching for reviews of places near us on their smartphones … (sound familiar?)
Someone said there’s a place a couple blocks away that looks OK, but it only has 3 Stars
Oh, I’m reading more about it now and its not so hot, lets take a pass on it.
Then another said, “There’s a 5 Star place I’ve found but it’s a bit farther away, Let me see if it’s really good. Ya know it’s making me hungry, I think its worth the drive.
And off we went. Is that unusual? No. in fact it happens thousands of time a day.
Smartphone online connections have completely changed how the public picks and chooses businesses.
The real crime is most local businesses don’t realize how important good reviews are to them.
And every time a prospect spots poor reviews and low ratings for a business they won’t even bother to visit their site.
Businesses with poor reviews relative to their competitors can be ‘rescued’ by a good reputation management service.
You’d be surprised how much it’s worth for a businesses to ‘Fix” their bad reviews problem and get more good ones.

What do you think it would be worth to businesses to have an easy cost effective way to fix their reputation problems? …

The following series of 4 videos gives some tips about proper reputation management practices

Nasty reviews usually come from unhappy customers

You need a system that smooths over a customer’s bad experience

The following video asks the question if YOU are ready to take control? We can make that happen for far less cost than others